Distance Learning

The Bircas HaTorah Distance Learning Program embodies the Yeshiva’s pledge to extend its commitment to excellence in Torah learning to the broader community. The “Distance Learning Yeshiva” is open to continuing students as well as new ones. Our goal is to provide ongoing Torah learning by teaching the skills needed to independently analyze and understand the Gemara in a deep and profound way.

In addition to sharpening your learning skills, the Distance Learning Program is a great way to stay connected to the Bircas HaTorah community in Jerusalem.

As a Distance Learning Program student you will receive private instruction from top teachers in the Yeshiva who will call you at your convenience. You will also receive materials for each daf to prepare for your learning sessions including the daf in Hebrew, a translation of the Gemara, a linear translation of Rashi, and a statement by statement breakdown of the daf (see samples below).

For more information please contact: distancelearning@bircas.org