Our Approach to Learning

Do you want to uncover the beauty and depth contained in every word of the Gemara? Would you like to anticipate what the Rishonim are telling us instead of just reading what they have to say? Would you like to refine the way you think and speak so that you are always able to analyze issues and articulate your positions effectively?

We Prepare You for a Lifetime.

The disturbing fact is that many students return home from their “Year in Israel” uninspired or not skilled enough to continue their learning. After careful examination we have found that many people have tried, unsuccessfully, to learn using the “intuitive” approach. That is to say, we read a text, think about it, and then say whatever comes to mind. Sounds familiar? The problem with this approach is that our intuition is often incomplete and limited and, therefore, throws us off track as we learn. That’s why at Bircas HaTorah, we learn to use a system that shows students exactly how to deconstruct and analyze every text following the instructions that Chazal gave us. Our Gemara workshops enable our students to harness their intuition by standing back and paying close attention to what it is doing. Our approach enables each and every one of us, no matter what level we are on, to examine, defend, and attack the accuracy of our ideas and encourages us to consider numerous possibilities that we otherwise might have ignored. So whether you’re a seasoned and high level learner or don’t yet have learning skills, you’ll be able to learn in an accurate, productive, and successful way.

Our Shiurim Will Show You How to Think

Bircas HaTorah is not just another place to “sit in a shiur,” nor are the shiurim a forum for our Rebbeim to flex their intellectual muscles and put on a show. Rather, each Rabbi’s goal is to show you how he arrived at a particular insight, and then empower you to do exactly what he did.  You’ll focus on problems emanating from a close read of the text, and use structured guidelines to solve these problems.   The results are often dazzling.  With an extraordinarily high faculty-to-student ratio and a very interactive classroom format, Bircas HaTorah shiurim are a highlight of the day.