Frequently Asked Questions


The dormitory is an extension of the Beis Medresh, and therefore, students’ behavior in the dormitory should reflect that of a Ben Torah. All students are expected to respect the space and property of their peers. Students will be living in our dormitory which is only a 3 minute walk from the main Yeshiva building. The dormitory is very spacious and is equipped with a kitchen, dining room, laundry facilities, several bathrooms. Each room is also equipped with a small refrigerator for student use. Microwaves are available for use in the dining room. Guests are welcome to stay in the dorm for shabbos with permission from the administration.


We supply pillows, sheets and blankets for our students. This should alleviate baggage problems that students may encounter.  We do not provide towels.

Laundry Service

There are coin operated washers and dryers in the dormitory for students use. In addition, there is a laundry service that frequently picks up and drops off laundry as well as dry cleaning items. Students may also access the local Laundromats and dry cleaning establishments in Jerusalem in addition to the services provided by the yeshiva.

Shabbos and Yamim Tovim:

The dormitory is open throughout the year including Bein HaZmanim. Meals will be provided for students choosing to stay in yeshiva on an out-Shabbos if requested.

Security Arrangements:

The Yeshiva is monitored by security cameras at all times. Access to the Yeshiva is only possible through either a key or passcode which students are given. In addition, the yeshiva maintains contact with the local police who keep the yeshiva informed of the security situation.


The yeshiva employs a number of madrichim who live in the dormitory with the students. They provide guidance to the students and are always available if students need to talk.  In addition to their duties in the dorm, in the event of a medical emergency, Chas V’SHalom, they will accompany the student to the appropriate facility and remain with them throughout the duration of the treatment.

Cell Phones:

Students are required to rent a cell phone for the entire duration of the program. This allows the yeshiva to contact you in case of an emergency. We suggest renting/buying a phone that uses Orange as their service provider. Orange has the best reception in the Old City. If you need help with renting a phone please feel free to speak with one of the Rebbeim or the Overseas Director and they will be happy to lend a hand.


Students are encouraged to keep their spare cash and valuables in the safe located in the dormitory. They have daily access to the safe.