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Bircas makes Simcha for Bar Mitzva at Sanhedria Childrens Orphanage!!!

Bircas goes Off-Road!!!

Bircas goes Scuba Diving!!!

South Tiyul

Sderot, IAF Museum, Beduin Tents, Dead Sea, Rappelling.

25th Anniversary

Making Flour for Matzah’s

2-Day South Tiyul!

Sderot, IAF Museum, Bedouin Tents, Camels, Dead Sea, Rappelling, Night Hike and more…

Annual Yeshiva-Wide Tiyul!

Bowling, Sports, BBQ, Swimming…fantastic!

Our AMAZING 3 day North Tiyul!

The Rebbe-Talmid basketball game, it was a blast!!!

We had the Zechus to bake our very own Matzah

Annual Purim Shpeil

Purim Party!

The annual Purim party at the Sanhedria Orphanage was a hit. Popcorn, cotton-candy, game booths, music, dancing… Everyone had a great time!

Matzah Grinding

We have begun! Every year the yeshiva has the opportunity to bake their own matzah’s. This process begins early with grinding the wheat by hand as you can see in the photos. It was hard work but well worth it!

Mount Chermon

After receiving one of the largest snow fall’s in recent history, part of the Shana Bet group went up north with Rabbi Rubin to Mount Chermon. Skiing, snowboarding and the gorgeous area made for a great day!

South Tiyul

A few of the highlights- Tour of Sderot including the police station, Beer Sheva Airforce Museum, BBQ in Arad, doing kiruv in the park, ATV’s, Swimming in the Dead Sea, Massada, Night Hike through a valley…
We had a great time!

What a Chanukah!

Every night a different Rebbe hosted the talmidim and what a pleasure it was. The annual Chanukah mesibah was a highlight with music, dancing, sufganiyot and divrei Torah. The energy of Chanukah is sure to be fealt well into the winter zman.


We had the zechus to not only learn the halachos of shechita but to actually see those halachos in practice and even do the mitzvah ourselves! Two professional shochtim showed us all the steps that go into a kosher shechita. It was truly a learning experience. As a bonus we got to enjoy a BBQ for dinner!

Chai Shalom’s Bar Mitzva at the Sanhedria Children’s Orphanage

WHAT AN AMAZING SIMCHA!! The students headed out Thursday evening with Rabbi Tagger, Rabbi Rubin and Rabbi Leventhal to the Sanhedria Children’s Orphanage to bring Simcha to the entire orphanage “The Bircas Way” in honor of Chai Shalom’s Bar Mitzva.