Professionals Program & Kollel

The Yeshiva offers an intensive full-time and part-time program for adults on the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, as well as short-term learning programs. Our goal for a long-term student is to place him solidly on the path to becoming a Talmid Chacham by honing his skills in the time that he is here, and, more importantly, inspiring him and giving him a clear picture of what he must do to advance himself when he returns home.

The Yeshiva presents a highly-developed and structured system that brings precision and depth to the student’s learning, while at the same time, revealing the amazing sweetness of Torah. Bircas HaTorah’s rebbeim aim to de-mystify the study of Talmud through the utilization of clear and precise learning methods that can be put into practice and verified by any diligent student.

To learn more about this program, please email us or call Rabbi Allen at +972-2-627-1647.
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The Executive Renewal Program Brochure

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