Daven List


This is intended as a Chesed opportunity for people who visit the Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah website. Contribute your time and Tefilah to make the world a better place! Please email the names of people to pray for.

Smallest Tehillim:

:הַלְלוּ אֶת יְהוָה כָּל גּוֹיִם שַׁבְּחוּהוּ כָּל הָאֻמִּים
:כִּי גָבַר עָלֵינוּ חַסְדּוֹ וֶאֱמֶת יְהוָה לְעוֹלָם הַלְלוּיָהּ
תהילים פרק קיז

May it be His will that all the sick of Yisrael
be completely healed
– body, mind, and spirit – including:

Daven for the Sick

Refuah Shleima, a complete healing, to:


Daniel Zvi ben Yocheved
Nosrat bat Sara Imeinu
Yackov ben Miriam
Chaim Chananel ben Hinda Chava Chanita Rabbi Ron Mandel’s brother-in-law
Yaakov Ben Esther
Rosa Faiga bas Kayla
Rabbi Zahavi and Shimon Green’s parents
Chana Aviva bat Hadassah Chaviva Yeshiva is davening for her
Marisha Gittel bat Rachel Mother of former student
Yosef ben Ahuva Masuda
Daniel Ben Aliza Luza
Shilat Bat Aliza Luza
Victims from Brooklyn fire
Gil Yackov ben Yehudit Rebbetzin Wegbreit’s cousin who was diagnosed with the machalla
David Lev Avraham ben Dina Esther One of our good friends
Yonatan Moshe ben Devorah Needs our Teffilah
Svetlana bat Bracha Needs our Teffilah
Leah Rachel bas Sarah Eytan Drelich’s close relative
Avigayil Ruth bat Sarah Etel Needs our Teffilah
David Leib ben Chaya Reizel Needs our Teffilah
Chaim ben Sarah Sick
Yonina bat Shoshana Esther’s mother
Chaim Ze’ev ben Nicole Elizabeth 13 year old boy from Johannesburg who is in a coma from a concussion

May it be His will that all the singles of Yisrael
find their proper Spouse
and build a Trustworthy household
– peace, livelyhood, and children – including:

Zecharia Avrahom ben Rivka
Avrahom ben Miriam
Moshe ben Naomi
Tzvi Hirsh Mordecai ben Feiga
Kalman Eliyahu ben Rivka

…amongst all of Israel’s singles

Please have them in mind as you daven, learn Torah and in all your Mitzvos. These merits should stand for them and ourselves to be signed and sealed for a long, happy, healthy life and for success… !שלום על ישראל


Submissions to the list should be sent to specialprojects@bircas.org. The list will hopefully be reset every Sunday. If more Tefilah is needed, please resubmit.

Tehillim can also be said at the Yeshiva.
Dedications at the yeshiva can be pledged.
Please inquire about the possibilities.


  • Daven (Hebrew: תפלה – “Tefilah”) (Yiddish: דאווענן – “Davenen”) – Turning towards, coming closer and attaching ourselves to our Maker. This is a service of our maker and a pillar of the world. It is an understanding of the reason for creation and the purpose of our existence. It is a rectification for the world and brings the world to goodness. It is to be done for heavens sake. It is our reaction to worries, problems and suffering. It is done for ourselves and it is done for others.
  • The Jewish concept is very nuanced. Our Davening becomes the pipeline – the conduit – through which the Shefa (aboundance or bounty) comes in to the world. We, through our Davening, become the bridge between the world around us and the highest heights on high.
  • There are many reasons for Davening: Refuah Shleima – Healing the sick and suffering – whether physically, psychologically, spiritually; Shiduchim – A good and proper spouse, happy marriage; Shalom Bayit – Peace and tranquility in the home and family; Shalom – Peace and tranquility in the world; Shalom Al Yisrael – Peace be upon the Jewish people wherever they are and especially in the land of Israel; Zerah Kayma – Babies and children who will live and grow properly; Gidul Banim – To raise ones children properly; Parnasa – Livelihood, a job, successful investments; Hatzlacha – Success in life for others or ourselves; Talmud Torah – Torah learning, understanding, retention; Limudei Chol – Success in secular subjects as a means for obtaining a good job and livelihood; Chavruta – Friends and colleagues to learn with, grow with, and share life; Emunah Temima – A completem, simple belief and trust in Hashem; Bitachon – To develop that trust even more until we lean upon and rely on Hashem in a practical fashion (Hashem-assurance); Bitachon Atzmi – Self-assurance;  Chayim -Life, health, and longevity; Hagana – Security for ourselves, family, loved ones, the land of Israel, in the world at large;
  • In English the concept has many names with there own denotation and connotation: abound, abuse, accost, account, address, adjuration, adjure, adoration, adulation, advance, advocate, allure, ambition, angle, answer, adoration, anticipate, anticipation, appeal, application, apply, approach, arrogate, arrogation, ask, asking, aspiration, aspire, assent, assume, attention, attestation, attract, ave, await, awe, badger, ballot, be sure of, beatification, befalling, beg, begging, believe, benediction, beseech, beset, besiege, bespeak, bid, bite, blandish, brace, break, breviary, bring on, bum, cadge, cajole , call, canon, canvass, catalogue, challenge, chapel, charge, cherish, choice, cite, claim, clamor, coax, coerce, come, command, commercial, communion, compel, con, conjure, connection, consensus, constrain, contemplate, contend for, contest, contingency, convenience, cop a plea, count on, countenance, counterclaim, court, courtship, crave, crawl, cry for, cut, deem likely, deification, demand, depend on, desire, devotion, direct, disposition, draw, drum, dun, egg on, encourage, enjoin, entice, entreat, entreatment, entreaty, enumeration, evensong, event, exact, exaction, exaltation, excuse, exhort, exhortation, expect, fair shake, feel confident, fighting chance, file, for, fitness, fling, force, foresee, fortuity, franchise, freedom, genuflection, give invitation, glorification, glory, go, good fortune, good luck, goose, grace, hang in, hankering, happening, harass, have faith, have in, have over, hawk, hit, hit on, hit up, hold, hold out for, homage, honor, honoring, hope, hound, hour, hunger, hustle, idolization, impetrate (impetration), imploration, implore, importune, importunity, impose, imposition, imprecation, inclination, include, inquire, inquiry, insist, insistence, intention, intercession, interest, interrogate, interrogation, intervention, inveigle, invitation, invite, invocate, invocation, invoke, iron in the fire, issue, itch, jostle, juncture, knock, laudation, lead, lectionary, leisure, levy, liberty, lien, liking, list, litany, liturgy, longing, look, love, lure, make up for, mediation, memorial, minister, missal, moment, mooch, morality, nag, necessitate, necessity, need, oblige, obsecrate (obsecration), observance, obtest, occasion, offer, offering, one’s move, one’s say, one’s turn, opening, opportunity, order, orison, overture, panhandle, pass, peddle, persuade, pester, petition, piety, plague, plea, plead, pleasure, ply, possibility, postulate, praise, pray, prayer, preference, press, presume, presumption, prevail, probability, promise, promote, proposal, propose, proposition, prospect, prostration, provoke, psalm, psalter, pursuit, put, query, question, recitation, recite, recourse, refer, refrain, regard, relief, rely, repetition, request, require, requirement, requisition, resort, respect, reverence, right, rite, ritual, rogation, room, round robin, run, rush, sacrifice, sale, sanctification, say, scope, scripture, search, sect, seduce, seek, sell, send, service, shot, show, solicit, space, spell, spirituality, sponge, square things, squeak, stab, steer, stipulate, stipulation, strike, submission, submit, sue, suffrage, suggest, suit, summon, supplicate, supplication, suppose, surmise, suspect, sweat, take heart, tale, tax, tempt, testimony, the hunt, the running, think to, thirst, time, toll, touch, tout, ,trade, trust, turn, ultimatum, urge, use, vamp, veneration, vespers, vogue, voice, vote, want, watch for, welcome, whack, wheedle, whim, whistle for, will, wish, woo, work on, worry, worship, xenagogue, xesturgy, yearn, yen, zero in on, zeal.