Rabbi Avraham Meir Levy zt”l

I am very sorry to report that after a heroic 22-month battle against the machla, our beloved Rabbi Avraham Meir Levy, zt”l, was niftar on Shabbos.

Rabbi Levy zt”l, was my dear friend and student. He was a sweet talmid chacham whose eyes sparkled with appreciation of every moment in this world. He joined our yeshiva 14 years ago, receiv​i​ng smicha in 2013​. He was noted for his caring teaching style, and he inspired us by the way in which he cherished each opportunity he had to learn Torah. Not only did he merit to be a regular chavrusa of Rabbi Shimon Green shlit”a, but he quickly became a valuable member of the yeshiva’s staff, serving in a variety of administrative and fundraising capacities.

While his loss is devastating to all of us in the yeshiva…

… Rabbi Levy zt”l’s passing will create a ​tremendous financial burden ​for his wife Belinda and their six young children. The oldest, daughter Sarah, just had her Bat Mitzvah a few weeks ago. Many are wondering what we can do now to help them cope with the ​looming financial challenges.

Therefore, in response to our painful loss, the mashgiach, Rabbi Wegbreit, and I have authorized establishment of the “Rabbi Levy Family
Fund” in order to bring them hope and menuchos hanefesh. This tax-free fund is dedicated entirely to the support of Belinda and her kids.

Please donate here to the Rabbi Levy Family Fund. Please also have in mind in your learning and
prayers: Lekayem Mitzvas HaBoreh and for the Aliyas Neshama of Avraham Meir ben Chaim HaLevi.

I pray that Hashem blesses you with ​many years of health and happiness, filled with Torah and mitzvos​, and may we share happy occasions​.

B’kavod rav,

Rabbi Nissim Tagger
Rosh Yeshiva