Bircas Alumni Family

You never really leave Bircas,
you just take Bircas with you into the world at large.

Let’s keep in touch!

  • LeFargen (Hebrew: לפרגן) (Adoption of the Yiddish: פרגין Fargin) – The wonderful joy that we feel when something good happens to someone else and in their success.
  • Naches (Hebrew: נחת -or- נחת רוח) – The feeling of pride and fulfillment derived from another individual and their accomplishments.
  • All of Israel is one big family, all the more so all of us at Bircas. Let the positive feelings flow as we bring Israel a little closer together and share in each other’s lives.


  • Daven (Hebrew: תפלה) (Yiddish: דאווענן) – Turning towards, coming closer and attaching ourselves to our Maker. This is a service of our maker and a pillar of the world. It is an understanding of the reason for creation and the purpose of our existence. It is a rectification for the world and brings the world to goodness. It is to be done for heavens sake. It is our reaction to worries, problems and suffering. It is done for ourselves and it is done for others.

Life has ups and downs. We care about each other. We are there for one another.


Keep us in touch with what is going on in your life. We appreciate you!


Rabbi Shai Mandel
You are our Special Project