ShabbosShabbos at Bircas HaTorah is filled with Ruach, inspiring Divrei Torah and great food. The shabbos meals are attended by the Rebbeim who live in the Old City as well Bircas Rebbeim and their families who stay for shabbos. There are also a variety of shiurim and chaburahs throughout shabbos, given by the Rosh Yeshiva and faculty.  In the winter months, we conclude shabbos with a festive Melave Malka and Kumsitz.

Every few weeks we will go on a Shabbaton. This gives us a chance to experience Shabbos with a unique flavor that will give a broad understanding and experience of what all of Israel has to offer. Shabbatons generally include an Erev Shabbos tiyul in the area that we will be spending Shabbos. We also get the pleasure of hearing from local Talmidei Chachamim and other unique individuals.

On an “Out-Shabbos” students who decide to remain in Yeshiva will have the option of eating meals in the yeshiva or with Bircas community members in and around the Old City.