Bircas HaTorah’s Unique Approach

At Bircas HaTorah, we will train you to use a system that shows you exactly how to follow the instructions that Chazal gave us.  Our Gemara workshops enable you to harness your intuition by paying attention to what it is doing. You will learn how to examine, defend, and attack the accuracy of your ideas, plus we will encourage you to consider numerous possibilities that you otherwise would have ignored. Our unique learning system is beneficial not only to the seasoned and high level learner, but also to the unskilled learner, enabling him to go “beyond his potential”.

Using this innovative, structured, and tested methodology, our students come to see the Gemara as clear and enjoyable and a guide for everyday life.  In shiur and with your chavrusa, you will never feel as if you are lost, because we show you the directional signs on every line of the daf and we give you a system that enables you to identify, understand, and justify every phrase in the text.  With a sense of confidence as you move down the page, you will be more open to reaching inside yourself to arrive at insights you never believed you could offer.

Our Unique Shiurim

Bircas HaTorah is not just another place to “sit in a shiur,” nor are the shiurim a forum for our Rebbeim to flex their intellectual muscles and put on a show for their students. Instead, the goal of the shiur is to show you how your Rebbeim developed and arrived at a particular insight.  Our Rebbeim will show you how to do exactly what they do by guiding students to focus on the problems emanating from the text, and giving them clear and structured guidelines how to solve these problems.  Our talented and diverse faculty appreciate and respect every individual in an atmosphere of warmth and openness.  With an extraordinarily low student-to-faculty ratio and a highly interactive classroom format, Bircas HaTorah shiurim often develop into lengthy and lively debate sessions.

Advanced Track

In addition to catering to students who require a skill-building program, the Yeshiva has many students who already have a solid background as skilled learners. We offer high-level and interactive shiurim that enable talmidim at all levels to understand the Rishonim and Achronim more consciously and efficiently.  The Yeshiva is uniquely proficient at expanding high-level students’ abilities and mastery of learning with an intensive and fulfilling schedule, while at the same time, exposing them to the richness and variety of the first-year programming which includes Tiyulim and Shabbatonim.