Post High-School Yeshiva Program

Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah has an accomplished Post High-School Program.  The students become responsible young adults and capable Talmidei Chachamim.

The student body is made up of English speaking students from around the world.

  • Located in Jerusalem’s Old City
  • Warm, friendly, open-minded atmosphere
  • Personal Rebbi-talmid relationship
  • 3 serious Sedorim a day with small Shiurim in English
  • American-style accommodations and beautiful, historic dorm
  • 3 delicious meals served daily
  • Additional activities include: Tiyulim and sports
  • Optional: Earn Full BS College degree while learning in Yeshiva

The Shana Beis program began in 5765 (2005) as a department within the intense yeshiva program at Bircas. In the year 5769 (2009) the Shana Aleph program began. The Post High-School program leverages the strength of its own dedicated staff with that of the Yeshiva Gevoha.