Old City Information Page

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

The Yeshiva is located at #4 Ohr Ha’Chaim, off of Chabad Street.
Phones Rules:
When dialing from a land line (such as a pay phone) within Jerusalem you do NOT dial 02, you DO dial OTHER city’s area codes such as 03 for Tel Aviv or 04 for Haifa. From a cell phone you always dial the area code (02, 03, 04, etc.) Most cell phone numbers start with an 05, such as 050, 052, 054.
Egged, the bus company’s phone number is 03-694-8888, to quickly go straight to an operator, (they always speak English) dial #1 and then #9. They can provide you with all of the bus times, places, and numbers for within Jerusalem and outside of Jerusalem, i.e. Tzfat, Ein Gedi, etc.
Government Offices:
Most government offices have unusual hours; starting 8:30AM until early afternoon and often time closed the rest of the day or a few days a week re-opening late afternoon. Do call and confirm the hours before going.
Cash Machines:
There are many cash machines in the Jewish Quarter. One at the Bank Mizrahi in the main “square,” one across the square at the small outdoor meat cafe near the pay phones, and one at the change place between the two Menorah restaurants.
A very easy place to catch a cab to anywhere, day or night, is in the parking lot of the Rova, where the bus stop is. A piece of advice is ALWAYS to ask for the meter, you will very rarely win bargaining for a fixed rate.
Laundry and dry cleaning:
There are a couple coin operated washer and driers at the yeshiva residence.
For dry cleaning, the yeshiva has a special price with a local cleaner. Some of the students arrange pick-up and drop-off from the yeshiva itself.
Airport transportation (For Parents):
A cost effective option is Nesher, which uses a mini-van to drive a few people at once. Otherwise, a cab (better know as a “special”) can be ordered to handle one client direnctly to their destination.  The phone number for Nesher is 02-623-1231; Rehavia Cab Company is 02-625-4444, Bar Ilan is 02-586-6666. For inter-city taxi call TAXI 99 at 02-572-1500.
Money Exchange:
Go to the change place next door to the Menorah Café.
There’s a bookstore also right before the Kotel steps, called Moriah, where you can purchase almost anything. Tell them that you are learning in the old city and pay in cash. They may give you a break on the price.