Medical Procedures & Insurance

Every student is required to have medical insurance in Israel. The Yeshiva maintains a good working relationship with Egert & Cohen Insurance in Israel. Failure to carry recognized Israeli insurance (even if your insurance will ultimately cover your son’s medical needs in Israel) will require payment prior to treatment. Students are advised to seek the guidance of the madrichim when they are ill, so that they can make the necessary arrangements for medical care. As a general policy, students who are sick for more than 2 days will be encouraged to see a doctor. It is the student’s responsibility to inform the madrichim when they are sick. In the event that a student requires medical care, a madrich will accompany the student to the appropriate facility and remain with him throughout the duration of the treatment.


If you choose not to purchase health insurance here in Israel, please be sure to contact us and let us know. It is also very important that we have all of your medical insurance readily available. For this reason we ask that as soon as you have purchased your insurance that you send us all of the details.