Family Visits & Housing

We encourage parents to visit the yeshiva during the year and we know that these visits are anticipated by your sons. Parents who wish to visit the yeshiva are requested to email us the dates of your planned stay. If possible, please plan to come during one of the yeshiva breaks to minimize disruption in your son’s schedule. A yearly academic calendar can be viewed on our website here. If you cannot come during one of the breaks, fathers are welcome and encouraged to spend a part of your vacation here at the yeshiva, learning with your son. We have found that this has been a great experience for both father and son. Below you will find directions to the Yeshiva and a list of real estate brokers, apartments, and hotels near the yeshiva.

Directions from the airport:

When coming from the airport you have 2 ways of getting to the Old City, the first is by taking a shuttle called Nesher. They are waiting outside the airport at all times and leave once enough people show up to fill the shuttle bus, this can be 5 minutes or 30 minutes. It costs $11, is a very tight fit, and takes at least 1.5 – 2 hours; this is a good idea for those on a tight budget. The other option is to take a taxi, this is highly preferable. It costs about $50 and can sometimes be split with somebody else if you ask around to find someone to share the ride with you. Either way, you need to tell them to come to the Old City, Jewish Quarter, Jerusalem, (in Hebrew it’s HaRova Ha’Yehudi). Very important, remember to not pay them until they have dropped you off inside the Old City in the Jewish Quarter.

Once you’ve been dropped off in the Jewish Quarter parking lot, with the bus stop directly behind you, walk straight through the parking lot. You should see a small store and a ramp on your left and a grocery store on your right, as you continue down the road there will be a bakery on the left. Continue straight and you will pass a section of the Cardo on your left (an old Roman street with pillars). You should see a set of stairs on your left. Go up these stairs and you will be on Chabad Street facing Rechov Or HaChaim (which is to the right of the Fruit and Vegetable store) – the Yeshiva is on this street. Go up Rechov Or HaChaim (it is a steep hill). The Yeshiva is #4 on the left near the top of the street. Knock or ring the buzzer and you’ll be let in.

By foot in Jerusalem:

Walk through Jaffa Gate (sh’aar Yafo), you should reach a tarmac street. Continue on it as it veers to the right (there are cars driving on this street). After about 3 minutes of walking, you will see a pottery shop on your left. Just after this shop is St. James street. Turn left onto it. Walk down the street. It twists and turns but there are no side roads. Keep walking and the road will change into Rechov Ohr HaChaim when you cross over Rechov Ararat. The tri-lingual street sign says Rechov Or HaChaim in Hebrew but El-Arman Road in English. It is Rechov Or HaChaim. There will be a small store behind you on the corner of Ararat and St. James. Continue down Rechov Or HaChaim (down the hill). The Yeshiva is #4 on the right. There is a message board on the front and a wooden door. Knock or ring the buzzer and you’ll be let in.

By cab or car in Jerusalem:

Please see the 2nd half of “Directions from the airport”.


Rabbi Daryl Michel – 050-415-8152 or – is the Gabai of the Yeshivas Bircas HaTorah. He is an expert in finding a wide variety of accomodations within the Old City or beyond. Please contact him.

The following reliable real estate brokers are another possible source:

Penny Saracik +972-2-628-6776 –
Selma Mishan +972-2-628-8106 –
Yossef Alkobey
– VIP Jerusalem
212-444-1013 in U.S. or 077-53-53-016 in Israel

Listed below are private homes and small hotels in the Old City:
(Please call ahead to ensure availability)

Off the Square
  • 2 bedrooms, 1 1/2 bathrooms.
  • Central, but quiet location.
  • Newly renovated with leather couches and beautiful new kitchen.
  • ADSL available. A/C.
  • Can accommodate up to 6 adults.
  • +972-2-627-1067 (Hebrew speaking).
Nicely renovated studio apartment
Apartment for Women
Hotel HaKotel
  • Tel: +972-2-627-6277, +972-53-800-002
  • Several apartments on Chayei Olam St. Hotel room service is available. Very simple.
Sefardi Center
  • Contact Israel Shalem Tel +972-2-6282-344
  • Dormitory style rooms for 3, 2, 1, or families.
  • Offers rates for daily, weekly, meals and long term stays (Meals are available. Beit Yosef Glatt Kosher – by Rav Katzin. Other Hechsherim are available with advance notice).
Kotel Quarters
Armenian Hostel
  • Many Jewish visitors lodge here.
  • Located on the border of the Jewish and Armenian Quarter.
  • Private rooms with shared bathrooms.
  • Inexpensive rates.
  • Contact Claire +972-2-628-5362
  • 2 different beautiful apartments for rent in the heart of the Old City
  • 2 bedroom apartment for $250 a night
  • 1 bedroom for $125 a night
  • Any questions please contact, 1-818-309-7682(US) or 972-2-628-8106 (IL)
Hotels outside the Old City
(In order of proximity to the Kotel, first one a 15 minute walk):
  • David Citadel +972-2-621-1111
  • King David +972-2-620-8888
  • Inbal +972-2-675-6666
  • Leonardo Plaza +972-2-629-8666
  • Lev Yerushalayim +972-2-530-0333
  • Ramada Renaissance +972-2-659-9999
Apartments outside of the Old City
Jerusalem apartments
  • We have regular apartments from $100 per night until luxury apartments for $500 per night and even more, in areas like Mamilla, Talbie, Rechavia, City Center, German Colony and more.
  • Contact: Pablo Krell – CEO
    tel: (+972) (0)2 650 8008
    mobile: (+972) (0)54 945 3727
    fax: (+972) 15326508008
    Address: 24 Ben Sira St, Jerusalem, Israel
Israel’s Trusted Property Management

Check out for information about the Old City.